On the main town square in Split, PJACA, it was built in the 16th century. the first mechanical watch in town. It was built on the west side of an old Romanesque tower from the 13th century, located on the north side of the Iron Gate of Diocletian's Palace.
It had the numbering I-XXIV carved into a circular stone wreath. The noon mark was on the top and the midnight mark on the bottom of the dial. He only had a hand for hours. City watchmakers took care of the functioning.
In the period until the middle of the 19th century it has been reconstructed on several occasions, either due to wear and tear or the installation of more perfect mechanisms. However, in the early fifties 19th century , the municipality had the Renaissance clock removed, its remains plastered and replaced with a new clock with a transparent plate and a dial numbered I-XII. In 1958, cracks appeared on the plaster for about an hour and there was a danger of it collapsing. Remains of a Renaissance clock were discovered during the removal of the damaged plaster. For this reason, the city authorities set up an expert body, which makes a proposal for the reconstruction of the Renaissance clock. A reconstruction project was made, in which a minute hand was added. On the night between February 27 and 28, 1959. the bell of the renewed URA rang.


 ... and for 62 years now, the renewed Renaissance URA has been functioning, as a time orientation for citizens and a tourist attraction of "the most beautiful city in the world". But time does its thing, and maintenance interventions are common. So, to help the city authorities, I made this:   
     (virtual, because “time from the crown”)
The advantages of this reconstruction are great accuracy and the possibility of using it anywhere in the world, not only in Split.
instructions for use:
hours are marked with numbers I - XXIV
noon is at the top and midnight is at the bottom of the dial
half an hour is marked with a triangle (▲)
"the small hand" shows the hours 1circle=1day
"the big hand" shows minutes 1circle=1hour
URA has a bell,
with more beats ticking the clock
with one ring of the bell it is marked 30 min.
the bell is activated with "click" on the URA
- for all those who are not helped by these instructions, the information, now it is:

  made by: Branko Tudor,M.Sc.